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What is the market rate?


Three global trends shaping China’s citizens

From shared living to green gamification, here's 3 trends shaping citizens in China, according to the Where the World's Moving Global Report. Blog.Post.ReadMore

The Secret to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The Secret to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Blog.Post.ReadMore

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The world’s shift towards a new type of connectivity

Is 'home' still a physical place or has that changed? Blog.Post.ReadMore

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Are co-working and co-living spaces the solution to a growing urban population?

The rise of ‘third spaces’ is re-configuring the way we live and work. Blog.Post.ReadMore

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Companies are investing in more than their bottom line

Instead, they're building communities through shared interests. Blog.Post.ReadMore

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How co-living spaces are redefining the concept of a home

Community when you want it, privacy when you need it. Blog.Post.ReadMore

What’s new on the OFX international money transfer website

New features and updates to the brand new OFX money transfer website. Blog.Post.ReadMore

Drone Zones: How will drones change our world?

Founder of aerospace company Matternet, Andreas Raptopoulos, discusses the future of transport, and how these new innovations will make us more global as citizens. Blog.Post.ReadMore

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A new sense of belonging

City of Detroit's Chief Storyteller Aaron Foley discusses the importance of a sense of place and belonging in today's world. Blog.Post.ReadMore

A glimpse into the future of frictionless payments

Future financial transactions will feature facial recognition technology and possibly wearables, hearables and implants. Blog.Post.ReadMore

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Is Co-living the Future of Urban Living?

What is the future of co-living? Is this a trend that has staying power? Learn why more people are choosing the co-living lifestyle around the world. Blog.Post.ReadMore