Taking care of family from the OFX team

At OFX, we have a stellar team, from Australia right the way across our 6 global offices to San Francisco. From our hardworking payment experts to our dedicated dealing team we have over 40 nationalities from all walks of life, many of whom regularly send money to their loved ones.We asked a few of them to share their stories and the reasons they send money to family abroad.

Name: Prashant 
Area of expertise: Risk Management
I send money to: New Zealand for property maintenance and Fiji for my parents and in-laws

As a Risk Manager at OFX, I give guidance on transfer limits and large amounts of money being sent and received. This is to help prevent money laundering and other illegal activity, but also to helps protect customers from losses. 

I’ve been sending money back home since September 2014. My wife and I are able to help my parents and our in-laws on an ongoing basis, and in emergencies like the cyclones that hit Fiji a few months ago. It’s good to know that a service like this is always available and it’s even better knowing that I’ve helped shape it. 

Name: Nirav
Area of expertise: Data and reporting analysis
I send money to: India for my elders and younger siblings 

At OFX, I keep an eye on our financial and customer data, making sure we’re always operating within safe limits. I also help to ensure that private information is kept safe and used appropriately.

I’m a first generation Australian but, I have family in India that I’ve been supporting for the last 8 years. I try to avoid paying unnecessary fees so that my family gets as much of the money I send as possible. Indian rupees fluctuate on a daily basis, but with the OFX app, I can keep my eye on the exchange rate and send my Aussie dollars in a few taps. It’s comforting to know that I can lock in a good rate as soon as I see it and the money will arrive promptly on the other end.

Name: Jatinder
Area of expertise: Business analysis 
I send money to: Indian for my elders and other family members

At OFX, I analyse our business data to help us grow and reach more people around the world with more currencies and better services.

I’m an expat from India and I’ve been sending money back home for at least a decade. Each time I do, I’m very aware of how much I’m saving versus my bank. I have elderly family back in India who need my support, so the speed and the rates matter very much to me.

There are times of the year when my family need additional help so it’s crucial that my money arrives on time to avoid disappointment. Having worked at OFX for three years, it helps to see it from the customer’s point of view and experience something I’m helping to make. It’s a great feeling.

Helping you to support them

Our minimum transfer amount is AUD$250, making it easier for families to get assistance. Our competitive exchange rates also mean your loved ones get more of the money you send whenever they need it.

Whether you send money to India, China, the Philippines or any of the 190 countries we transfer to, you’ll find ease of use, simplicity, and secure handling of your money throughout. Our low or zero transfer fees* also make your money stretch further when it really matters.

Over 300,000 people worldwide have saved on their international money transfers versus their bank. Let us help you support the ones you love, so that when you can’t be there, your money can. 

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When family matters, OFX it.

*Occasionally, third-party banks may deduct a fee from your transfer before paying your recipient. This fee may vary, and OFX receives no portion of it.

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