Optimizing the post-purchase experience

The post-purchase parcel-delivery experience (PPE) has traditionally been a forgotten phase in the customer experience. It’s time for a change.

In today’s age, consumers expect to be more informed than ever. This includes not only the way they use data to make a purchasing decision, but the journey of the purchase itself—from the time the package is shipped to the moment it arrives at the front door.

white paper by international shipping leader DHL revealed that:

  • 88 percent of people want a shipment-tracking option and a notification about the date of delivery, while 84 percent want to know the name of the parcel carrier.
  • 78 percent reported greater satisfaction at being notified their order was on its way via well-structured information (an important factor to note, as it indicates a very high engagement rate from customers open to being contacted).
  • 87 percent consider the probable delivery date to be essential information, while 85 percent preferred a direct link to shipment tracking and 81 percent wanted the delivery time with a time window.

For businesses, this need for real-time information means the customer journey doesn’t end at checkout, but instead continues through the shipping and delivery experience. Every point of engagement, even those coming from the parcel carrier, can affect customer satisfaction, loyalty—and ultimately, potential revenue.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must provide a customer experience that enables the customer to stay informed well beyond the purchase.

The consequences of undervaluing the PPE

For the last 30+ years, companies have taken for granted that an optimal PPE includes sending the consumer to the carrier’s tracking page. A typical tracking page from a parcel carrier is stale, boring, and impersonal—characteristics no business wants associated with its brand.

By relying on the parcel carrier’s tracking page, companies have effectively disengaged from customers after the purchase, which inadvertently jeopardizes their brand extension. The result? Sellers decrease their chances of building the crucial bond of accessibility and loyalty.

Additionally, higher WISMO (Where Is My Order) calls to the call center can also drive costs up and result in upset customers. An effective and proactive parcel-tracking page and notification system eliminates all those customer service calls/emails for updates, lowering operating costs by giving customers everything they need at their fingertips, as they want to consume it.

Leaving the tracking experience up to the parcel carrier prevents an opportunity for companies to build customer rapport, which can diminish hope of maximizing cross-purchase or upsell revenue. When a business offers their own branded tracking page, however, they open a direct line of communication to customers and the chance to promote further content via an indispensable tool for retailers.

Perfecting the PPE

Today, companies can stand out by providing a seamless PPE for customers that’s both an accurate extension of your brand and a cross-sell opportunity for your business. The most important step? A data-driven tracking page, branded to be completely yours—far more creative and attractive than a cookie-cutter data page from UPS or FedEx.

The right solution should allow businesses to better control the tracking experience by providing a fully-branded, interactive tracking page that is beneficial for both the customer and the business. (Here’s how it works.) A modern, easy-to-understand tracking page enables the customer to stay informed throughout the journey of their shipment, while allowing companies to serve relevant content for cross-selling opportunities.

Whether the cross-sell complements a current or past purchase, is seasonal or simply promotional, businesses who cross-promote using a branded tracking page are likely to reach customers who are more open to the possibility of further purchases. This subtler approach to sales affords businesses an ROI that may even outperform traditional, strictly promotional advertising.

Ultimately, a greater focus and more control of the post-purchase experience, including the tracking page, results in both happy customers and a positive impact on the business. Win-win.71lbs provides a human-backed automated solution clarifies the shipping process for companies, making it easier and faster for them to access shipping refunds and optimize their expenses. Solutions include late delivery refunds, premium tracking and lost + damaged claims, as well as freight/LTL savings and contract negotiations.

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