Referral Solution

Delight your customers with our award-winning international money transfer service and we’ll share the revenue.

How our Referral Solution works

Sign up as an OFX partner for the benefit of your customers and a revenue share.


Customer clicks through to our site from yours.


They register, lock-in a transfer and send money to us.


We pay you a share of the revenue and you get a happy customer.


Case study – BritBound

BritBound, at its core, is a relocation and social events club. The company assists a community of expats through every stage of their relocation process.  They do it all - from arranging visas, opening a UK bank account, organising a National Insurance Number and assisting with job interviews.

Add to that list - fee free money transfers via OFX!* In partnering with OFX, BritBound includes a value-add which makes their core product stickier for the end user. Frictionless transfers and excellent exchange rates mean a happier BritBound client. The experience and savings are vastly improved versus sending money via the bank.

*Third-party bank fees may apply.

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