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How Apaylo is #betterfasterstronger today

A robust payment platform and APIs accelerated Apaylo’s expansion into international markets.

Apaylo makes money move in Canada and around the world. They provide their clients with a unique payment platform that leverages innovative open banking technology – simple, secure, cost effective and risk verified. Their tagline is Get Paid. Period. Responding to its clients’ needs, Apaylo came out of the pandemic #betterfasterstronger. It expanded its offerings to Canadian clients who needed a global approach in our global economy.

Apaylo serves Canadian clients seeking a premium payment platform. Apaylo is driven by customer service. Apaylo’s clients are Canadians, locally based and wanting to contribute to our economy. Apaylo focuses their innovation to help Canadians with EFT, Email and Biller payments.


Before and during the pandemic, Apaylo’s clients have been working to expand touchless payments. This effort was only amplified since COVID-19 forced us all to modify our interactions. “We’re using technology to solve traditional problems,” said Shea Malcolmson, Apaylo’s lead on Market and Customer Experience.

“We are trying to make payments frictionless. We’ve seen an increased need to help people future proof their businesses. We want businesses in Canada to grow and thrive.” Apaylo was able to adapt to its clients’ needs in a time of increased change and complexity. Their robust platform and their innovative capabilities to develop APIs into the world of financial transactions allowed them to expand product offerings for their clients.

Moving money. Getting paid. Period.  

When a client needed assistance with international money transfers, Apaylo sought a proven partner to help move money globally for the client. As the boundaries of payments have expanded, Apaylo tapped into new markets to help its clients.

The relationship with OFX allowed Apaylo to enhance its services for its clients. Apaylo’s Canadian clients were processing payments in country. When its clients sought out the ability to use Apaylo to send money to another country, Apaylo turned to OFX.

“We think about what’s needed to help our clients,” said Malcomson. “If that means developing new relationships with other service providers, we’ll collaborate with them to help our clients grow to the next level and our organization is founded on the idea that relationships matter and people matter!”

OFX allowed us to enhance the relationship with our clients,” said Malcomson. “There was a pain point and OFX helped us with the challenge.

What’s more, Apaylo and OFX share many similar company characteristics. They both want payments to be frictionless. And both organizations put a premium on customer service.

Ultimately, OFX made global payments easy for Apaylo. They could focus on their core business and let OFX manage the currency exchange. Foreign exchange is in OFX’s DNA. OFX helps Apaylo navigate the complexity of FX, making it simple and easy to understand. Using OFX for global money transfers is a value-add to Apaylo’s clients. The dedicated currency expert assigned to Apaylo’s account answers many of Apaylo’s currency exchange questions. When it comes to money, informed decisions are the best decisions.

“The OFX platform is easy and intuitive,” said Malcolmson. “The relationship management approach to business allows us to focus on our work, and not on currency exchange.”

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