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How working abroad can boost your career

With the world becoming increasingly global we are seeing more and more people taking their careers abroad. This is not only an exciting opportunity to travel and experience other regions and cultures, it’s also an opportunity to achieve personal and career growth. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider working abroad in the future: 
Working together

Personal Growth

When you move to a new country to work you will often be on your own and dealing with unfamiliar places and cultures. This will be quite nerve-wracking and a test of character that may push you out of your comfort zone. You might even be confronted with situations where values and perspectives you have been taught your whole life are challenged. These situations are a fantastic chance to prove to yourself that you have perseverance, can overcome obstacles and become more open to multiple perspectives.
Work with people from different backgrounds

Communication Skills

When you work abroad you will inevitably work with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. Working with people from different backgrounds is very useful in understanding different business practices and leadership styles. It will give you a fresh perspective on how things can be done and allow you to apply different decision-making processes and solutions in necessary scenarios. While working abroad you may see how people lead and like to be led differently. This is hugely important for managing and leading people, and more importantly, communicating effectively. These experiences will help you to be more culturally aware, improve cross-cultural and interpersonal communication and provide a greater understanding of local context.

Working in an international setting opens up all kinds of opportunities

Global network connections

The world is becoming more interconnected and it is incredibly useful to have a global network of connections. While you are working abroad you can foster relationships with people in your field in an international setting. With modern technology and professional networking services like LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to stay in contact after working together, giving you more opportunities to explore international options in the future – allowing you to travel around the world to utilise favourable economic conditions, living standards, salary or simply exciting travel opportunities.

Progress your career

Working abroad gives you an opportunity to work in areas that you might not have otherwise and provides you with the potential for career progression. Employers often seek employees who are keen to work overseas as it shows initiative, independence, motivation and adaptability. An international resume can provide you with a competitive edge that many others won’t have.

Increasing global interdependence means that an international perspective is highly valued

A global outlook

A global perspective is extremely important as technology has meant that we are more connected than ever, and companies are becoming more internationally focused. These companies are also seeking to hire individuals who can adapt to unfamiliar circumstances and environments. Cultural diversity and increasing global interdependence mean that the ability to understand, relate to and be able to lead people of diverse cultures is highly valuable for today’s global citizens. 

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