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'FunForLouis' Blends Travel and Work for the Ultimate Nomadic Career

Travel influencer Louis Cole talks to us about how he shares his passion for travel, international cultures and other people’s perspectives with over 2 million fans.

Louis Cole

‘Fun for Louis’ blends travel and work for the ultimate nomadic career

“I identify like we are all one people around the world. Because countries were just made up. People are people, we need to care about them.”

Louis sees and supports the positive contribution tourism is having around the world, and believes it is a form of wealth distribution in a way. He uses his platform to make a difference and believes that through travel, we can all contribute to the way countries survive and grow.

“I’ve never seen the appeal of just having a comfortable normal existence and 9 to 5.  I want to live a very different life.  I feel like I want to make more of an impact on the world.”

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