How one retailer said ‘sayonara’ to being treated like a number

After having kids, Noelle Sadinsky had a vision for a business opportunity: “kids eating junk makes me want to cry.” When she found a lunchbox with “patented, high-performance cooler panels”, she wanted to distribute the product far and wide to promote a healthy lifestyle. The unique range of cooler bags can keep its contents cold for up to 8 hours, it’s also re-usable and environmentally friendly.

Noelle Sadinsky


 Fridge-to-Go doesn’t just help families enjoy healthy food on the go, they also serve a niche market for customers who require chilled medications. But retail wasn’t an option: There are so many links in the chain that chop revenue out of your profits, leaving you to make a few cents on every sale. It seemed too stressful for very little reward.

Instead, Noelle started selling online and overseas using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to simplify her logistics overseas.

“Fridge-to-Go is very much a seasonal product. Now the Northern/Southern hemispheres balance themselves out. We can sell all year round.”    After a few mishaps trying to bring her profits home, “I was definitely a number with [my previous transfer service]. Sometimes my funds weren’t there and I had to put the call in to ask what’s happening. That was frustrating,” she partnered with OFX.

“With OFX, it was really quick and easy. I asked what they needed from me, they told me, I supplied it. I got service from you guys, whereas I never got service before. I’d say that’s where you guys stand out.”

Noelle Sadinsky, Founder of GetBacktoBasix explains how OFX has helped her succeed when expanding overseas

Noelle Sadinsky


We asked Noelle about the process of setting up her account. Here’s what she had to say:
“It was so seamless. You guys just give clear instructions and concise information and no fluff. No one has time for fluff.

“I remember emailing OFX to say we’re going to start trading in Canada, so quick, we need a Canadian account. I had all the information in a matter of hours.”

Noelle explains that one of the big benefits of using OFX is the savings, and the flexibility and ease of use that isn’t always on offer when selling online internationally, “switching from Amazon to OFX there’s been about 3-4% savings which is huge.   “Having the flexibility for our online seller account is so helpful. We can leave it there for a better exchange rate, which we’ve been doing recently. The vision is now there in terms of being smarter, having a better cash flow and more control.”

When you’re a small to medium sized business, exchange rates can really matter. At OFX, we can help you mitigate your exposure to sudden market shifts, so your cash flow keeps running smoothly.

“We’re always looking for a smarter more efficient and effective ways of working because you’d be crazy not to.”

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