Kuli Kuli Isn’t Just Any Superfood. It’s Changing Lives Globally

Moringa is a nutrient-rich power plant used in some countries for its medicinal benefits. While volunteering with the Peace Corps in Niger, Lisa Curtis discovered the powerful leaf and began a crowd funding campaign that would ultimately launch the Moringa supply chain.

Lisa Curtis

Kuli Kuli

“This plant has so much potential to be an amazing superfood to the US but also to transform the lives of women and farmers living in the developing world”

The $53,000 raised allowed Lisa to start Kuli Kuli, a superfood brand that partners with local harvesters and female-owned farm cooperatives to bring moringa-based products to the U.S.

“Every time I travel and visit some of our farmers and talk to them about how our sourcing and partnering with them has impacted their lives and the lives of their community. That’s what keeps me going.”

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