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How to Effectively Manage Overseas Debt

01 Feb 2019

Prepare yourself before you leave and know how to manage recurring payments while you’re overseas is important to ensure that you remain in control of your personal finances wherever you are in the world. Read More

Top Tips for Etsy Selling Success | OFX

19 Jun 2017

Beyond selling domestically, Etsy also offers you the opportunity to expand into the global marketplace. But where to start? Thankfully, the site has made it pretty easy to launch your worldwide operation, and a few helpful tips and strategies are below so you can go global with confidence. Read More

Are there any transfer fees

At OFX we have one standard fee of AUD 15 if you’re transferring under AUD 10,000 or equivalent. If you’re transferring more than AUD 10,000 or equivalent, we won’t charge you a transfer fee. Read More

What Is Medical Tourism?

01 Feb 2019

Medical tourism is growing in popularity all over the world. But before becoming a medical tourist, you need to learn about its benefits and risks. Read More