Want to protect your business' bottom-line?

Many business margins are subject to uncompetitive exchange rates, high wire fees, and market fluctuations. At OFX our risk management tools help customers mitigate currency exposure when paying suppliers and staff overseas, exporting goods and receiving foreign currency payments. 



Andrew Zoratto, Operations Manager at Zoratto Enterprises

"With a forward contract we were able to lock in a rate and mitigate the risk of unfavourable changes in the dollar, we recently saved close to $50,000"

Plan Ahead When Doing Business Overseas

Read the OFX helpful guides to doing business overseas and managing your bottom-line

Doing business with china

Doing business with China?

Corporate Dealer Michael Judge On Making Payments To China

How to manage currency risk

Are you exposed to currency risk?

Read our guide to protecting your business earnings from currency fluctuations

What to consider when doing business overseas

What to consider when doing business overseas

Here are some of our top tips

OFX is the new OzForex. Same savings, new name.

$100 billion transferred. 190 countries. 55 currencies.

With 17 years of foreign exchange expertise, you can rely on us for international payments. 

Talk to our global currency experts and turn to our secure online platform when you need to transfer money.

We know business transfers

better than bank rates

Better-than-bank exchange rates

no fees

Low OFX transfer fees

Enjoy international money transfers with low OFX transfer fees.

risk managment

Manage risk with a range of transfer methods

How OFX works


1. Register & lock-in your transfer

Simply tell us how much you’re transferring, which currency and who to send it to.

send us the funds

2. Send us your funds

We accept bank transfers from your account
(e.g. BPay, Electronic Bank Transfer).

No cash, credit card, cheques or bank drafts.

We'll notify you once we receive your funds.

we deliver to your recipient

3. We deliver to your recipient

Transfers to most countries take
1-2 business days. Track your transfer online or with our mobile app.

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Last Week Market Recap

Monday 20th March 2017

Reversed direction, gaining ground last week as the U.S. Fed raised interest rates and despite lower than expected employment numbers out of Australia. The rate began the week gaining after making its weekly low of 0.7579 on Monday in the absence of any significant data out of either country. The pair then lost a fraction on Tuesday as the United States reported better than expected PPI data. On Wednesday, the rate gained sharply, making its weekly high of 0.7718 after the FOMC raised the Fed Funds Rate to 1.0% from 0.75%. The rate then lost ground on Thursday after Australia reported Employment Change declined by -6.4K versus an expected increase of +16.3K, while the Australian Unemployment Rate increased to 5.9% from 5.7%. The pair resumed its rally on Friday as the United States reported mixed economic numbers. AUD/USD closed the week at 0.7703, with an overall gain of +2.7% for the week. 

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