Why Foreign Exchange Matters To You

OFX can help you save on foreign exchange payments

OFX is the savvy way to keep your foreign exchange expenses to a minimum. If you’re using a bank to transfer money, you should know that they often charge a margin of up to 5% on your transfer. So on a payment of A$10,000, it may cost you around A$500 to send money overseas. We think that’s too much. With OFX, you can save up to 75%* when you make a foreign currency payment for:

  • Moving overseas

  • Studying abroad

  • Destination weddings

  • Importing collectibles or luxury goods from overseas

  • International tax payments

  • Transferring pension payments from overseas

  • Buying property abroad

  • International travel

Whenever you need to send money overseas, use OFX to get great foreign exchange rates, efficient service and fast transfers.

Boost your own bottom line--not your bank’s

If you’re transferring money on a regular basis, hefty fees and margins can really add up. You can use OFX to automate your regular payments or to help you lock in a great rate for up to 12 months with a forward contract. That way, you can manage risk, so you know in advance what you’ll be paying.  If the timing of your transfer is flexible, you can use a limit order to automatically transfer your funds when the rate is right. These options give you more control over your money, so your budget stays intact.

Use OFX and get the peace of mind that comes with getting a great deal on all your foreign exchange transfers. Register with us today and make a smart move with your money.

*Average savings based on a sample of OFX Customer deals between 5 July and 9 August 2016 on an AUD$10,000 to USD single transfer against published rates of ANZ, Westpac, NAB and CBA for the same period. Fees and transaction costs excluded. Quoted savings are not indicative of future savings. Please consider OFX’s PDS and your circumstances before making a decision about any financial product.

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