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Did you know that banks often take a margin of 5% over the daily exchange rate when they send your money overseas? That means on a transfer of A$10,000 you could be losing up to A$400 in addition to hefty ‘international transaction’ fees. A staggering 75% of Australians feel these costs are ‘very high’ or a ‘bank rip-off’^ and so do we. When you send money with OFX, you’ll get the great rates and service you deserve. Our efficient online platform delivers your funds to most major destinations within one business day of OFX receiving your funds. Plus, it’s free to register with OFX.

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New research suggests 81% of Australians would send money overseas using their bank#. By doing so, they’d be massively overpaying on their foreign exchange rates. OFX is simply smarter. In addition to simple, efficient overseas transfers, we provide risk management tools, so you can insulate yourself from currency volatility if you need to. Register with OFX now and keep more of the money you earned.