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6 things to avoid before going global

Taking that first step is often the biggest challenge when expanding overseas and coupled with the task of determining who you can trust, for most businesses it’s often the scariest one. Read More

Selling online internationally

5 tips from 5 successful entrepreneurs on going global

Want to take your business global but not sure where to start? Here's the key pieces of advice from the experts. Read More

harvey norman

How Harvey Norman opened the iconic Aussie superstore to the world

When it comes to entering into new markets, it pays to test the waters and always think long-term. Read More


How Australia's first and only watch manufacturer has stood the test of time

The power of customer service and staying relevant in a changing world. Read More

Brexit negotiations and your finances

What Does The Latest Surprise Brexit Update Mean For Your Finances

While the markets continue to yo-yo in response to Brexit news, the currency experts at OFX explain how you can be in charge regardless of volatility. Read More

One British Pound coin

Take Control Of Your Finances During These Important Brexit Dates

While the markets continue to yo-yo in response to Brexit news, the currency experts at OFX explain how you can take control of your money regardless of what’s happening. Read More

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Your business makes global payments, but have you managed your exposure to currency risk?

In Australia today, there is a significant increase in international import/export, and a growing global marketplace is the main reason for this. As such, there has never been a greater need for fast, secure and low-cost FX payments. Read More

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Tips for Expanding Your Business Abroad

Considering taking your business abroad? Here's some tips to get you started. Read More

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How Tech Will Enable The Workers Of The Future

Sophisticated technology has paved the way for better communication and tools. Will this foster an environment where flexible work conditions are the norm? Read More

Selling online internationally

How One Retailer Said Goodbye to Being Treated Like A Number

Fridge-to-Go’s Noelle Sadinsky started selling online to help families provide healthier lunches. See how OFX were able to help. Read More

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How small businesses are challenging the status quo of international expansion

International expansion is no longer something reserved for the big players. Now, small businesses are going global more than ever before. Read More

Brexit volatility

Important Dates For Businesses In The Lead Up To Brexit

As the date for a Brexit decision inches closer, there a several important dates in the lead up that can impact market movements. Read More

Location independent freelancer

How Working Abroad Could Boost Your Career

Have you ever thought about moving abroad for work? Read More

How Luxury Brand Bondi Born Is Making Waves In The Global Swimwear Category

Dale McCarthy, the savvy business woman at the helm of Bondi Born, took a huge risk with starting globally – and it’s paying off. Read More

Golden Gate bridge San Francisco

What To Know As An Expat In The US

Becoming an expat is both challenging and rewarding. For many, the United States is where they want to be, here's a handy guide to some key considerations. Read More

Fast-paced London road

What To Know As An Expat In The UK

From visa requirements to different schooling systems, here's what to know about making the move as an expat to the UK. Read More

Great wall of China

What To Know As An Expat In China

Moving to China as an expat is both hugely challenging and rewarding, before you head off, here’s a few key things to consider. Read More


A guide to India as an expat

There’s lots to consider when becoming an expat, here’s a short guide to the essentials. Read More

currency market

How is the Australian dollar faring?

Record low rate cut, a federal election and a number of global events brewing in the background; trade wars and slowing global growth. Find out what this means for the AUD and the impact for businesses. Read More

OFX Website App

OFX | What’s New on the OFX International Money Transfer website

Check out the improvements we’ve made to our website so it’s easier for you to send money overseas with OFX Read More

Two colleagues walking through the office

Why local context and personal connection are essential for expanding internationally

What does it take to be a growth-oriented company? OFX CEO Skander Malcolm discusses the change in mindset necessary. Read More

Expat jobs in Thailand

How To Get A Job As An Expat In Vietnam

With a growing economy, breathtaking natural landscapes, exciting cities, and a variety of jobs that expats can take advantage of, Vietnam has become one of the most popular destinations for those who want to work abroad for any span of time. Read More

Expat jobs in Thailand

How To Get A Job As An Expat In The Philippines

Many aspiring expats are choosing the Philippines as their ideal destination to live and work abroad, and for several great reasons. Read More

Expat jobs in Thailand

How To Get A Job As An Expat In Thailand

Modern comforts, good medical care, a tropical climate, and an affordable cost of living are just some of the reasons why people choose Thailand as their home when they want to live and work in another country. Read More

How to get a job as an expat in Singapore

How To Get A Job As An Expat In Singapore

Singapore is considered one of the best places to live and work as an expat, and for several good reasons. It’s a great place where you can either start your career or take it to the next level. Read More

Expat jobs in India

How To Get A Job As An Expat In India

India boasts one of the biggest and fastest-growing economies on the planet, so it’s a prime destination for anyone who has a dream of living and working abroad as an expat. Read More

Expat jobs in Hong Kong

How To Get A Job As An Expat In Hong Kong

Are you hoping to live and work in Asia someday? Well, one of the top destinations for expats seeking employment abroad is Hong Kong. Read More

Expat jobs in Thailand

How To Get A Job As An Expat In Germany

One of the most desirable places to move to in Europe is Germany. The country offers you an opportunity to expand your horizons while working abroad as an expat. Read More