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How We Keep Our Rates So Low

OFX uses global bank accounts to help people get the best exchange rate, register now to learn more. Read More

Bessie Hassan

How to Effectively Manage Overseas Debt

Prepare yourself before you leave and know how to manage recurring payments while you’re overseas is important to ensure that you remain in control of your personal finances wherever you are in the world. Read More

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Buying a property overseas – what are my options?

A quick and easy guide to buying foreign property and financing your next holiday home through foreign exchange Read More


What Is FBA on Amazon, and How Can You Increase Profits?

Amazon FBA is a popular option for online sellers, but international businesses should use OFX to save money when bringing their profits home. Read More


Answers For Your International Freight Questions

We’re often fielding questions on international shipping, so we asked the experts at Freightos - the online freight marketplace - to answer some of the most common. Read More


Top Tips for Ebay Selling Success

For online sellers who want to grow their business and enter the international marketplace to take advantage of buying trends in various countries throughout the year and avoid stagnating profits, eBay could be a viable platform. If you are interested in learning how to sell internationally on eBay, the tips below will help you get started. Read More