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How do I transfer money to a foreign bank account?

Learn how to get the best exchange rate when you transfer money to a foreign bank account. Read More

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Planning to Study Overseas? Key Consideration

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The 10 best places for retiring overseas

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5 biggest expat mistakes and how to avoid them

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5 things no one tells you about living abroad

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Try to service your debt before you leave

Buying a property overseas – What are my options?

A quick and easy guide to buying foreign property and financing your next holiday home through foreign exchange Read More

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Foreign property investment

How to budget to buy a property abroad and save money on holiday homes and investments with currency conversions Read More

Foreign property investment - Key considerations

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The Top 10 Study Abroad Benefits

Studying abroad offers university students a host of opportunities for personal and professional growth outside the classroom. Read More

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Send money to family - Key considerations

Are you sending money home to support your family and friends? The experts at OFX share some tips about how can you save money on your overseas transfers Read More

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Ways to Fund Study Abroad

Studying overseas is a great way to expand your horizons, but it could get pricey. Here are ways to fund study abroad so you don’t break the bank. Read More

How and Where to Find Jobs Abroad Easily

Are you planning on moving overseas but you’re worried about how to find a great job? Here are the steps you should follow for success Read More

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What's It Like Living Overseas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to move to another country? Learn about what it’s like living overseas so you can make the right choice. Read More

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Moving to Australia? The Essential Student Checklist

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What You Need to Know When Moving Abroad

Before you move overseas, check out these tips from people who have been there and lived it. Read More