When Amazon FBA isn’t an option

Getting your goods to customers is a paramount concern. If you sell products online you’re well aware that Fulfillment By Amazon is not distributing goods considered “medical or similar necessities.” Everyone understands the reasons for this change in Amazon’s priorities, yet it leaves many sellers in a search for effective, affordable shipping alternatives.

Ironically and simultaneously, consumers confined to their homes are showing an increased demand for front door product delivery. If you are looking for an alternative to fill your customer orders, we’ve polled some of our partners in the online seller community to give you answers.

Alternative Shipping Providers

There are many reliable shipping companies to help businesses get their products to consumers around the globe.

One of our partners, eshipper.com, is a cloud-based platform with a solid reputation among those sellers who “fulfill by merchant.” They provide sellers with up to 70 percent off standard shipping rates and provide access to multiple couriers. The process is simple with easy ways to label, ship and track your packages with low costs and high delivery standards. Contact them directly to get an online demo or an instant quote to see if they can best suit your needs.

AMZ Prep Canada is another supplier that is a full-service solution for warehousing, fulfillment and integrating with your sales channel. This service works with a wide range of marketplaces in addition to Amazon for those of you leveraging several platforms.

Another known provider is easyship, which can also give you a variety of courier choices. It allows you to optimize price and delivery time for package arrivals around the world. Like many others, they also offer add on features to make your business management even easier.

In this new environment, your business can benefit from a quick analysis of some alternative choices.  Consider having a reliable place to warehouse your goods, a reputable shipper and an established currency exchange provider. By making a few changes you can soon be back on the path to making your customers happy – and who doesn’t need a bit of happiness right now.

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